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Problem with getting Genres

Sorry to bother you :wink: I am experiencing the exact same problem also still on the latest version (16th of august) on macOS (still trial version for now). Can you explain how I can solve this?

AFAIK that exact problem is fixed so could you please run Advanced:Create Support Files and email them to - if you could post a screenshot here to show the problem that would be useful as well.

Ok, I send you the files including screenshots

Hi, Ive looked at the log files and no errors reported and I have looked at your screenshot and its shows a Genre so Im sorry I don’t understand what is the actual problem ?

The problem is that the genre is not imported from Discogs. It is a genre (breakbeat) I added myself before which is not similar to Discogs.

Even if I erase the genre field and leave it empty it will not be filled with the genre in Discogs.
Just as in the original I replied to.

but do you have configured for Discogs to replace the Genre ?

I feel such a noob now :wink:
Works great now. Just bought the license.
Thanks for helping out. You program is just by far the best option for Mac now there is out there.

okay great, glad its resolved and thankyou for the purchase.