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Problem "overwriting" existing metadata?

Hi there

Apologies for the “noob” question I have just purchased Jaikoz a couple of hours ago to help me in re-tagging my large DJ collection of FLAC and MP3 files.

Currently, I’m using virtual dj 8.2

I have opened a number of folders using Jaikoz and performed a combination of automatic and mannual “tagging” corrections but after I have saved these, exited Jaikoz and re-launched Virtual DJ the tags don’t appear to have been overwritten with the updated information?

Am I missing something?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Are you sure that you are looking at tags in Virtual DJ rather than just the filename ?

The filename is no automatically modified from metadata in Jaikoz but can be easily with Action:File and Folder Correct. If that is not the case what audio format are the the files and what fields are you looking at ?

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply

I’ve used the Action:File and Folder Correct procedure to overwrite the filenames.