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Pro License asking to upgrade

I purchased SongKong Pro in 2016. After it messed up my rather large music library rather spectacularly I stopped using it. Fast forward to 2024 and I have a simple but large task to complete my recovery from 2016, that I’d like to try the latest version on, but my license is saying I need to upgrade my license. My PRO license says, "Thank you for your interest in the SongKong Music Tagger, you can read an introduction here

This license gives you access to SongKong for non-commercial use forever !

SongKong itself can be download from here". The email is from Paul.
When I clicked on the link in my original email, it takes me to version 10.2, which is the version I’m trying to use.

Hi, that statement in bold simply means that you can continue using the version you purchased forever, it does not expire. You also can update to any version released within the year.

But you have updated to a version released after that year so to use this release you need to purchase 1 Year of Updates and that will allow you to immediately use latest version and any versions released in the next year, this will cost you £11

The link in the email always takes to current version, and we don’t maintain a library of old versions because we would like users to be using the latest and greatest version, and can only support the latest version.