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Previous releases of Jaikoz

Since I purchased a license in 2013 and later extended it to 2021, I cannot run versions released after April 2021. I would like to run a slightly older and working version rather than paying a third time or a license extension… For now…
Having just formatted and re-installed my OS, I now I can’t use the application as I’m unable to:

  1. Find a list of release versions and their release date
  2. Find a list of downloads based on the version

I’ve scoured the interwebs but would much rather see a list of releases and dates with download links provided on the main website if you can provide it.

Hi, I work hard on these applications and would prefer that customers keep their version updated. That way customers benefit from the best version of the software, support is simpler and I get a stream of income from existing customers to make the business viable.

If you are using an old version then there may be issues with how your metadata is written, you certainly won’t be getting the best metadata since this is always being improved.

For these reasons we don’t maintain a list of old versions of the software. But we make it very easy to upgrade, unlike some other software there is no restriction on what version you can update from, whatever version you are currently doing you can always update to the very latest version for a small fee.

You cannot get old versions but you can see release dates and release notes easily enough here