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prevent country from being updated on single track updates

I use the country code as part of my folder renaming. This allows me to have full copies of multiple versions of the same album that were released in different countries. This is helpful as different releases often have different songs.

I am finding that jaikoz will update the country / country code like it should when it finds a match. It then goes and updates anything it can’t match on a song basis, skipping certain fields, like artist, and album. Is there anyway to have it skip the country / country code when doing the single track matches? I like how it updates all the other info, and I like how it updates the full album country code on an album match, I just don’t like how it is changing the country code on the single track match.

I am now getting unmatched albums broken apart into their own folders such as,

The Essential Yanni (2010) (US) (disc 2)
The Essential Yanni (2010) (XE) (disc 2)

because musicbrainz doesn’t have this album, and jaikoz updates only some of the songs that it can identify, and changes the country to XE.

Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks!

Fair point, of course you can manually edit the country code for these albums so that they match, I assume it occurs rarely. Yo can also configure to Only modify country if blank so Jaikoz will not overwrite the data.

We could add some options to control what fields Jaikoz updates when dong song only matching, as the choice of album fields that we now allow to update with song only matching is a little arbitary. Or we could just not update this field I will have to think about it a bit more.

Would be cool to have more options to control what fields Jaikoz updates, Paul. Hardly a pressing issue though, I would imagine.