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Prefer Artist area

For Remote Correct/Match/Preferred Country of Release, is there a way to offer “Artist area” as an option. Idea is to match UK artists to the UK release, French artists to the French release, etc.

Thanks for considering.

Interesting idea, would be possible to do this but not sure how useful it is. i.e I have lots of UK and US artists but I live in UK so I still want to map US artists to the UK release. But maybe different if I had a lot of Japanese music and I wanted to see the original Japanese release perhaps, but preferring Earliest Release Date tends to help with this anyway.

Options are just that, options. Some people want it one way, some want it another. If it hasn’t come up yet, it must be just me.

Earliest release date is a reasonable proxy, but undercut by the practice of releases coming out on Mondays in UK and Canada, Tuesdays in the US and Friday in Australia and Germany. It also seems that releases with a year only get sorted before releases with year-month-day.

Good point, perhaps Earliest Release Date should be cleverer and go down to week level, that would solve the Monday, Tuesday issue, and Year being less accurate should come at the end of the year.