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Pre-purchase question


I am trying to organize my mess of a music database and need to first tag all the songs, then group by album, and rename.
As I’m on lite, can someone explain what is happening with the below (in Fixing Songs) ?

Does Songs saved mean that they will be properly processed with correct metadata? If something is fingerprinted, does that mean fully identified?

Let me know!



Songs saved just means the files would be saved because they have been modified, but this might just because a fingerprint has been added not that the song has been identified.

But Song matched to MusicBrainz release means it has been fully identified, and song matched to MusicBrainz song Only means song identified but not album, add these two together and you see most of your songs have been identified to some level, there is also Songs matched to Discogs release.

Once it has finished processing all songs it will create a report whereby you can see exactly what has been matched, and what metadata would be added.

Hey paultaylor,

Thanks for the response.
In not matched I have 702 songs (2778 not matched to release), so based on that its looks like a lot were matched to discogs and some to musicbrainz. If I process (save?) the ~6300 songs that were identified (out of ~7000) some how, would they be able to receive proper naming and metadata?



You have Lite version so can’t save changes, but if you had license you could rerun and save changes and this would add correct metadata for the files.

Then after that there is a separate Rename Files task you can use to rename your files using the metadata in your files. The rename masks are very flexible letting you do just about anything you would like to do.

Does that make sense, lots of information in the tutorial Tutorial 1: SongKong Tasks ?