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Possible new coverart source

It’s still in its relative infancy, but all the artwork is HQ 1000px and must be approved before it’s submitted. It was started as another repository for XBMC artwork and is growing pretty quickly. Music stuff uses musicbrainz IDs, but unfortunately it uses the Release Group instead of the actual Release, but it still offers a decent collection.

The API key can be found at the very bottom.

Of course, you can manually add this artwork. And if any of you have something to contribute, throw it up there.

*I am not affiliated with, just been using it heavily with my HTPC and I figured it may be of use to Jaikoz. 8)

Ahh, nice source. Thanks for the link. Been playing around with setting up a htpc. Still undecided between wmc 7 and xmbc both have some really nice features.

Hmm, just noticed the music section #1 submitter for the month is dkoh, is that you? :slight_smile:

I played with WMC on a PC for a while and just wasn’t impressed. It’s not terrible, just kind of uninspiring and lacking. I prolly didn’t give it a fair shake though, being MS and all. I also used Tiny7 so I wasn’t sure if WMC was going to play nice with a stripped-out 7. XBMC offers so much content and so many choices, plus it’s extremely customizable and has a pretty large support forum. It still has it’s quirks and, sorta like Jaikoz, when you open up a million options and features, everyone wants things their way.

I built a small Intel i3 box that sits under the TV and I wish I did it years ago.

Yeah, but just for logos. All of that content shows up in the “now playing” screen (same for the TV and Movie pages), with the printed disc spinning halfway out of the jewel case and all. I still have a smallish pile of CDs :shock: but scanning gets tedious.

Cool, I will take a look however Musicbrainz are currently working on a Cover Art archive, its release is imminent and it will make it way into Jaikoz shortly after.

Yeah, I’ve been very curious to see how that turns out.

Plus… might turn out to be a gooc source for :smiley:


Where did you hear about the covers archive for musicbrainz? It sounds interesting. Do you have any links or anything to it? I did not see any posts on their blog, but I have not scoured their forums yet.

EDIT: oh, found an interesting article on it