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Possibility to show options of running "Fix Songs" or "Monitor Watch Folder"

Hi Paul,

First, thank you for this really really great Software! It helps a lot!

But there is something that I would be very pleased about:

It would be great if you could see the options while processing. -
Sometimes it doesn’t run just a few minutes. While it is running, I can see how many files have been processed, but I can’t see with which options. I don’t even see what my source directory is.
It would be very helpful if there is a possibility to investigate these “running” options (without stopping the processing and then looking at the options in the report).

By the way in the version “v6.9.2 Mercury (Pro)” the Options:
“Preferred Media Formats” are not selectable (they are greyed out) and “Save album artist artwork to artist folders in filesystem” doesn’t work - when I select it and run, then in the report it is not selected and no files in the target.

best regards

I would like to add the time report started because that is missing in Remote/Web mode, and I can see the logic of adding the source directory as well. But I cant really see the point of adding options selected - it would just be extra noise for user, surely you check these before you start ?

Thankyou, that is a regression in the Web user interface (okay with the desktop user interface), raised issue -

I wonder if you understand this option, it for each artist folder and artist image will be stored (if we found one), would help me if you could send your support files so I can check your results.

Hi Paul,

Thank’s for reply.

I have expressed myself misleadingly. With show Options the important thing for me was the Path.

In terms of “artist folder”: I don’t know exactly what it is - I want to examine it. - So I put in yes, write to filesystem and selected a folder. After working in the report Option section there is nothing about this selection. Therefore I think something got lost between selection and running.
I will start a new scan and send the support files.

Okay, this issue is now fixed for next release.

Okay, I now have an issue for that

You have got some errors indicating database corruption,

so can you run Admin:Empty Database please and then retry

uploaded a new support file

… same as before - after finishing in report options it is not activated - and “Fix Song” doesn’t remember my previous selection of “artist folder”

I can try it with a fresh installation? maybe it solves the problem

Have you enabled Artist Artwork Options and selected something in the listbox below it?

Hi Paul,
That’s it - I dont have checked “Artist Artwork Options (Pro or Melco license only)” - I’ve overlooked that, because it was not greyed out - when I check and disable it again, then it is greyed out - maybe a problem with the browser (chrome).

a lot of noise about nothing - I’m sorry!

Hi, the other two issues are fixed in SongKong 6.9.3 now available - SongKong 6.9.3 Mercury released 15th May 2020

Thank you very much!
Downloaded new version - it work’s great!

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