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Podcast tagging possible?


this is my first post to this forum. Using the search functinality I was not able to find an answer to my question.

I use a Synology NAS to store my audio files, music, audio books and podcasts. Tagging of podcasts is currently my main issue. I download them via gPodder which is running in a Docker container. Unfortunately podcast are often tagged wrong, e.g. the artist in one of my podcasts changes sometimes from “Tina E” to “Tina E.” or the name of the podcast changes, e.g. “without“ versus “w/o”.
Is it possible with SongKong to automatically harmonise / change those tags in podcasts to a consistent state, meaning identical over all podcasts in a folder / directory?


Hi, yes you can modify your metdata using SongKong to fix this using Edit Metadata task. Unlikely it can do this automatically for you though because the MusicBrainz database we use is mainly music not podcasts.