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Player agrees with Jaikoz


on March 10 I purchased a standard license for Jeikoz on Mac.

It works very well and I congratulate you; with recognition and tags, it’s fantastic.

My only problem is that I want to change the player instead of the Quick time one that starts by pressing the Play button on the bar.

In the Preferences, pressing General and then Music Player, I tried to put the name for example “VOX” a different audio player and then I saved;

also in the Save menu instead where it says “save genres in iTunes compatible format” I have removed the check.

But when I have to enter the path, the name of the App is seen in gray and so it is not clickable, but this happens with many other players that I am trying to make work with Jaikoz.

You, do you have a solution or do you recommend a player that I can connect to Jaikoz to start the music directly from the Play button on the Jaikoz bar?

You excuse me if this is a wrong question or maybe I ask an impossible thing, but only I can ask you because on the Web I have not found help.

I melted my brain (at least I don’t think of Coronavirus).

Thanks so much for your trouble and patience.


Stefano - Rome

Hi Stefano
I hope things improve in Italy soon, I lived in Rome (in Flaminio) for a year and it is my favourite city.

Okay I I have just looked this up, this is a regression bug (due to a change in Java) on MacOS. There is no problem on Windows/Linux but on MacOS the issue is you want to pick an Application folder rather than a normal folder but it will not allow you to do this I have created issue

Workaround:You can manually do instead by entering /Applications/

e.g if you have Quick Time installed in default location this would work

/Applications/Quick Time

Ok, thanks, I’m not very good at it but slowly I will try to put into practice what you said, waiting for new improvements and I will try with Quick Time.
I was born in Flaminio (via Donatello), baptized and then married and now I live in the Garbatella district. I am very pleased with this detail of yours.
Many thanks and regards.

Nothing to do, even if I put Quick Time Player, this name appears in gray and does not allow me.
It doesn’t matter, I’m happy for all the information it can complete.

via Donatello sounds familiar, I cannot remember my exact address but it wasn’t too far away !

Please post a screenshot to show the grayed out issue.

Here is my screenshot. I don’t understand why almost all applications appear grayed out.
This is a mystery to me.
Thank you.

Okay I think you have misunderstood, the bug is that in the Finder window you can’t select Application folders only normal folders so you can’t use that.

So instead just manually type the required value into the Music Player field.

I’m back.
I simply manually typed the required value in the Music player field as you told me to do and precisely Vox and everything went well. Now the connected player works perfectly.
Thank you so much for the valuable advice. Now I can finally enjoy my collection as I wanted.
I will follow the forum carefully in search of new concepts.

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