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Photography Project

Hi i now have a new sideline in photography available as high quality aluminium prints, please come and take a look

I have been based in Bridport since 2010 and concentrate my photography in West Dorset with regular forays further west into Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

For me, photography is a lot about texture and colour, and ideally photographs should work aesthestically as a piece of art not just a recording of an event.

I concentrate on flat perspectives and I like the to capture those fleeting moments when the light conditions expose an image for a brief moment. I like to photograph from interesting angles and rarely am I without a camera of some sort.

I enjoy the interplay between the manmade environment and nature. As manmade materials start to decay they harmonize better with their surroundings and I like to shine the spotlight on the mundane (and sometimes a human form can unexpectedly emerge!).

Occasionally, I do more traditional landscape type photography, in particular capturing humans relationship with the English countryside over the millenia.

Beautiful art Paul, You have some amazing skills! Thanks you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot, I also have a Facebook page as well now

and also a twitter feed

and been working on a new photography site at

Photography is the great art. I am interested in photography. If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know.