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Performer Tag leads in INVOLVEDPEOPLE Tag

I’m currently testing Jaikoz Audio Tagger 10.1.2.
I’m interested to tag composer , lyricist and performer. FLAC files work ok. I also have some mp3 files, performers were added, but in foobar they are not visible.
With mp3tag there was added INVOLVEDPEOPLE Tag, with an other format than in flac, minimserver does not index this and even foobar does not see this.
FLAC performer (instrument) Cannonball Adderley (alto saxophone);Horace Silver (piano);
mp3 instrument:performer piano:Hank Jones;alto saxophone:Cannonball Adderley

how can I fix this and has sonkong the same problem?
regards Ha

Hi, Mp3 uses ID3 and the official field for this is the TIPL or TMCL frame, and that is what is labelled in Jaikoz INVOLVEDPEOPLE, however as you have found it is not well supported by many applications such as MinimServer.

You also mention Composer but this has its own standard field that s recognised by MinimServer, there should be no problem with Composer.

Starting with SongKong 7.0 we now support a custom PERFORMER field for ID3 (we already use PERFORMER for Flac) so can be understood by MinimServer,

This and some other related modifications will also go into the next version of Jaikoz.

good news , thank you