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PC dying, transfer license to a new Mac?

How do I move my license from my PC (to be retired) to my new Mac? Do I have to de-authorize the PC first?

You dont have to deauthorise PC, license can be installed on upto three computers in same way.

Is this for SongKong or Jaikoz?

This is for SongKong. I’ll be discarding the old PC, so I don’t want to waste a license on it. Is there a way to deauthorize the PC or otherwise reclaim that license slot?

I can reset it at my end, have you finished with it now on old PC?

Yes, please reset my licenses for SongKong for Melco and advise me when reset. They are under the email “”.

Okay it is now done.

Thank you! Terrifically fast response, as usual. Much appreciated, Paul.