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Order of precedence when matching albums

What is the order of precedence when matching albums as far as operations performed?

The reason I ask is because in Preferences, under Remote Correct, Match, there are options to prefer to match to albums, or not to match to VA comps or single artist comps, preferred country of release, preferred media formats, preferred release date.

Let’s say I have prefer to match to Albums instead of singles and EPs, prefer country of release set to US, prefer release format CD, and preferred release date earliest.

Then I auto correct for an album by an artist that I have 10 tracks for.

Jaikoz sees musicbrainz has the first release of this album was actually the US release, and was released on CD, so it matches all three of that criteria. However let us say this entry was for a 12 track release. The 10 tracks I have match up to the first 10 tracks of this 12 track album. Let us say musicbrainz also has a UK release of this album that was released a year later as a digital release. This release however was for just 10 tracks, so it matches the track count exactly the same as the 10 tracks I have. Which release would Jaikoz choose?

I noticed on that same page there are options to Only allow match if all songs on album are matched and Only allow match if all songs in group match to one album. I know that jaikoz works in that it will not break up my song folders and try to match them to multiple albums. I am curious if it will choose the best match if those are check, even if the preferences match better to something else. I noticed I am still getting missing songs for albums showing up occasionally in the reports. However I don’t know if this is because jaikoz is matching to an album that has more songs than the songs i have, or if it could possibly be from old tags left behind from a previous tagging I did years back.

If I have those two checkboxes check, would also setting the preferred type, country, format, and date, make any difference on anything other than if there were multiple releases found that had the exact same tracks and number of tracks?


I did some testing. I unchecked everything, other than the bottom two options to Only allow match if all songs on album are matched and Only allow match if all songs in group match to one album. Made sure that all the info was cleared out of the tags other than title, artist, album artist, album, and track no.

I then ran auto correct and it matched a 7 song album to a 9 song release. I then went in and did a match to specific musicbrainz release and put in the correct id. The Advanced Release Search came up and found 3 choices for that search all with 100 score. The first one was the 9 track that was the cd release that had 2 extra tracks, the second one was the one that was the actual supposed recording, a vinyl release with 7 tracks, and then another cd with 9 tracks.

Is there anyway to make jaikoz always prefer the release that has the same number of tracks as number of tracks in the folder for that album when there are multiple options. I don’t know it’s logic, but it appears to just be grabbing the first result that has all the tracks that match 100 and stopping there, regardless if there are more tracks listed in musicbrainz than there are local on that release, or if there is a better release further down that matches the same amount of tracks with no more and no less.

Hi, it doesnt just match the first one it can find, its finds potential matches, than scores them all and picks the one with the best score, and this takes
various things into account.

But if you enable Only allow match if all songs on album are matched then Jaikoz will not allow you to match to an album unless all songs on album have been matched, i.e if you only have 10 tracks it will not allow a match to a 12 track album. So I think you probably had this options disabled (the default), if not seems to be a bug so please try again.

Nope, I had those both enabled.

I tried again. I have only preferences I have enabled on that tab are:

Prefer to match to Albums instead of Singles and EPs
Only allow match if all songs on album are matched
Only allow match if all songs in group match to one album

I deleted all the metadata except artist, album artist, date, album, and track.
MusicBrainz Automatch tab has the Do Not match online if already have a MusicBrainz Recordings Id unchecked.

Jaikoz is still matching a 7 song album to the 9 track versions. I have sent you over the support files.


Okay it is failing to match seven track release because Song 4 with title Hold On has duration of 06:45. but album song Hold On has duration of 06:57, songs must be within 10 seconds.

Bu then in Jaikoz 10.0 we added the option to match directly from MusicBrainz if unable to match form Albunack db, and there is a bug in the code it is not respecting the Only allow match if all songs on album are matched option, I will fix this bug as a matter of top priority.

Okay, fixed for next release -

Awesome, thanks!

So I did another batch and came across another album that was matching to an album that had one extra track in it. I tried it a few times and it kept matching to the same extra track album. I was doing a group of a few dozen albums at this time so i didnt want to create support files. I copied the album to another area and finished my tagging and saved the files.

I then cleared the cache and deleted all the logs. I went back in with just this one album and tried tagging it. This time it matched it to the correct 14 tracks every time. Really strange. So I moved it back to it’s original location and tried again. This time it matched it back to the extra track. The only difference I could tell off hand was the folder name. One version had XW country code at the end of it and the other US country code at the end of it. I don’t know if that would affect it.

All these songs were within a few seconds of musicbrainz’s lists. None over 10 seconds.

I have sent you the updated support files.


Hey Paul, did you have a chance to see why it is matching to the larger albums even when the length is within range? Thanks

Can you help me out by giving details of the releaseid of release it was meant to match to, finding it hard to follow the log.