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Opus Tagging Support

Hi Paul

After using mp3 for ages, I have decided to use a more state-of-the-art audio format for future
audio files in my collection. My choice has come to Opus.
AFAIK, tagging is similar to ogg/vorbis.
Would you consider adding support for Opus ?

Thank you

I would like to add it and the underlying tag library used by Jaikoz is open src and already has an issue open for this. But its not really high priority as nobody seems to use it, why don’t you just use Flac instead ?

Thanks for the reply.
When I comes to HQ audio sources FLAC surely is the way to go. I am also using FLAC at this point.
But sources which came by a lossy audio codec (e.g. cuts of digital radio) a re-encoding in FLAC would mean a waste of storage.
Maybe the demand for Opus support will increase in future since it also available in other applications e.g. MusicBrainz Picard.