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Option to move subfolders in addition to associated files

A lot of my library has the artwork or liner note files in subdirectories of the album instead of in the base folder of the album. An option to move subfolders the same way as moving associated files currently does would be helpful.

Edit: Still catching up on the back posts and just saw a mention about the same topic in the questions section, so I suppose this is officially reviving it as a wishlist request. :smile:

Does it do this already, it should do but may not, I definitently added support for this in SongKong so maybe need to just backport the code to Jaikoz

It doesn’t seem to do it. I thought maybe I’m doing this wrong, my usual process is -

  1. Drag album folders into Jaikoz table
  2. Tag
  3. Correct filenames from metadata
  4. Save
  5. Set base folder
  6. Correct subfolders from metadata.

I also tried “Save and move” but that didn’t work either.

I’m not sure it’s relevant but I just noticed my preference pane for renaming looks different than the one in the manual, I just assumed the interface has changed since the manual was created.

My pane doesn’t have tabs for “File and Folder Naming” or “Rename Folder from Metadata”