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Open Folder/Files doesn't show all

I moved from Jaikoz 10 to 11.0.5. Now I experience the problem, that not all files arre loaded.
I open a folder with 22 files. It shows 22 files loading, but only 2 are shown.

Then I open a folder with 106 files. Only 103 are loaded.

I have no idea how to solve this?

Jaikoz 11.0.5 on macOS 11.4 Big Sur

Please try running Advanced:Empty Cache to see if that resolves it.

Hi Paul, unfortunately not. When I open a folder it shows 22 songs but only 2 show up.
Any diag info, I could provide you?

Are you sure these files opened in previous version, if youhave emptied cache i can think of no reason why they would open in previous versin but not this one.

But anyway, please run Advanced:Create Support Files and email the zip files created, then I can look at the logs.

Hi, thankyou for the logs and files, I have found the bug, there is a problem with the ID3Tag V1 setting, if it is set to Always write tag it can cause this issue

For now please do the following:
Modify Preference:Save:ID3Tag V1 to Write tag if exists and select Save
Run Advanced:Empty Cache

Now should be able to load the files, I have raised an issue and will fix for next release -

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Thanks Paul,

This workaround solved my issue.

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Fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.6 Battles released July 8th 2021

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Works for me after changing prefs back to “Always write tag”.

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