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Only first composer is being recognized

I noticed that only the first composer of a song is being recognized. For example, the band Rush has multiple composers on almost all of their songs but only one is being inserted into the file. If I go to musicbrainz I can see that there are in fact multiple composers on their songs. I’ve messed around with preferences and I can’t see an option for this. Thanks!

Is the problem that Jaikoz shows only adding the first or Jaikoz showing that it is adding all of them but only the first one is seen when you view with your music player ?

What format are the files ?

Ah, shoot! It did not occur to me to check the backend. Sure enough, I see two composers when I look at it in windows. It turns out that they list the third composer as a lyricist - is there a way to add that as a tag? I did a search on it and got no results.

I’m not sure what you mean but there is a lyricist field

See the bottom of this page:

Composer and lyricist are two different values

Yes I know, but I dont know what your actual problem is and what you want Jaikoz to do.

Thank you again for your help. I was just wondering if there was a way to add lyricist as a tag in my preferences. Not a big deal either way.

The lyricist should be added to the lyricist field, are you saying the lyricist field is empty or something else ?