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One Suggestion for Duplicates...

I haven’t thought this through completely, but I would appreciate some feedback.

I read somewhere on here the steps that Jaikoz uses when identifying duplicates. I really like the thought and logic that went into it and need to test it a bit more.

However, one thing that I deal with is having a whole album in 128 or 192 and then having a few of my favorite songs on that album in 256 or 320 or lossless. I even thought my favorite songs are in higher quality, I would feel weird deleting the lower quality songs, as I woulld want to keep the album together at the same quality.

How have other worked through this situation and what are some best practices.

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Seems rather weird to actively want to delete the higher quality ones to me - it doesn’t seem a particulary useful feature to have in Jaikoz.

I suppose you could always reencode the lossless ones to lower quality lossless ones for consistency


Thank you for the response.

I re-read my post and I guess I wasn’t as clear in my writing as I was in my head. My apologies.

What I was trying to say is that I would definately prefer to delete the lower quality ones, if I had to make a choice. But, my question was more in regards to your thoughts about the following…

Say you have a complete album with 10 tracks (1-10) all in 128. Then you have two favorite songs on that album (say tracks 1 and 2) that you have a duplicate copy in FLAC.

It is my understanding that if you run the duplicate program in Jaikoz, as it stands now, it would delete tracks 1 and 2 at 128 in this scenario, which makes sense for most users. But, for me, someone not woried about disdk space, I may be needlessly deleting tracks 1 and 2 at 128 or at least seperating those two tracks from the rest of the album. So, if I ever play the album in order from 1 to 10, then will be a noticeable difference in sound quality between tracks 1 and 2, compared to the tracks on the rest of the album.

The type of duplicate removal that I would prefer and hope for, and maybe I am the only one, would be to only delete the exact same song at the same bit rate, same file size, etc. that is only from the result of having moved the same files to different hard drives and duplicates being created.

So, in other words, is there a way keep a lossless copy and 128 version of the same song, and only delete a duplicate if it is an exact copy of either one of those lossless or 128 song?

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You can change the deletion criteria in Preferences:Local COrrect:Delete Duplicates:Song is a Duplicate If to ensure it includes the Acoustid as part of the deletion criteria. Then if you have same version of the song encoded as p3 and Flac there is a reasonable chance that they will have different Acoustid and therefore neither will be deleted, however this is not guaranteed, and in fact I would not expect it to work in 100% of cases.

You could also set Jaikoz to move duplicates rather than delete them, so at least after deletion you could check and reinstate files you dont want to delete.

You could also use the Duplicate filters in the Filters menu,to mark all the duplicates and then manually decide which ones to delete yourself.

But I cant really see how I would implement exactly what you have asked for.