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On MacOS How do I change the Jaikoz Pro License I have installed

Once you have installed your Jaikoz Pro license, the Update License is greyed out, but sometimes a customer has multiple licenses and needs to use the alternative license, so how do you install it ?

  • Ensure Jaikoz not running
  • Open Finder
  • Select Go menu
  • Hold down Option button, Library will appear in the list
  • Select Library
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Jaikoz
  • Right click on the license.jai file
  • Select Move to Bin to delete the license
  • Now when you start Jaikoz you will be able to install your preferred license

I have two licenses - not sure why but the one installed on my computer is with an old email address. Wll removing the license.jai file allow me to use a new email address? I am

If the new one was bought with your new email address then yes.

I have no idea which license is associated with which email address. This is part of the problem

If you only have two surely not difficult to try both.

I would like to remove the email from the software. I have two licenses with two different emails

So it explains at the start of the post how you remove an existing license from Jaikoz (delete the license.jai file from Jaikoz Preferences folder), then on start Jaikoz will be in trial mode again and you can install another license.

Ok . I did that and REINSTALLED the license…jai file that I have and it is associated with the old email address and says that there are no updates permitted. I just paid for the update. Can you please change the license email to and remove any others - and /or send me a New license file.

I really appreciate your software but this is exceedingly frustrating…. I don’t mean to be a pain in the neck. Anything associated with should be removed.

Thank you!!!

Okay so actually seem to have only have one license, the license you purchased in 2010 with megdarnell email address, when the license is created it includes the encoded email address as part of the license, so we cant modify the email without changing the license. But we did add support to associate a second email with the license so meglmt email address is now associated with the license, so if you make payment and the payment is linked to either address it will update the correct original license.

But the email address shown on the title bar is still the original email, we do have an issue open that would change to show the current email instead of original email but it isnt done yet.

So I dont really see a problem here, you dont need to use your old email address for purchases so it doesnt matter that license was originally linked to it. If you really want your new email address displayed title bar then you have two choices, wait for the fix to be done, or purchase another license.