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Old version of Jaikoz


I have an old (very old) version of Jaikoz which I’m sure I paid for but I can’t find my email. I stopped using it when it wrecked my music collection and I never really put it back together. I’d like to get it all sorted now if I can.

How do I get my old account info?
Can I upgrade to the latest version since it now seems to be relatively stable?
Can anyone provide any pointers to sort my collection which has multiple copies of the same song/album, different formats (mp3, flac, apple lossless etc.) and usually the wrong album artwork, folder structure etc. etc.


The license file is stored in a license.jai file, on Windows this would be in C:\users\username\Jaikoz so you could search for this, if you cannot find it then we can recover the license for you by using the Reorder License option at

You can upgrade to the latest version from any version by purchase of 1 year of updates costing £10 from - this will also give free updates to any new versions released over the next year.

Difficult to give definitive advice on sorting your collection, but remember Jaikoz makes no changes to the actual files themselves until you save changes, so review the matches first to see if you are happy with them. Also perhaps try using Action:Remote Correct:Manual Correct from MusicBrainz for a semi-automated approach.

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Thanks Paul, it’s from an old machine that’s no longer with us.

I’ll try what you suggest and hopefully get my collection back in order. I have over 2TB of mixed mp3 and lossless so it’ll be a while I think :slight_smile:

Just tried and it’s asking for teh original email address, while I know this, it’s a works email that’s no longer active, any way around that?

That is okay, the original email address is needed to find the license but the license will be sent to your current email address that you enter when you pay by credit card, or the email address associated with your Paypal account if you pay by Paypal.

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Yeah just ran through it anyway and saw that :slight_smile:

Your license has now been recovered and sent via email.

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