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Odd scrolling Behavior in Mac Version of Jaikoz 10

I typically use Jaikoz on a MacBook and use the trackpad and keyboard to navigate around. Hopefully I can explain this clearly. In version 10 if I was viewing a table that was wider than the screen and tried to scroll either up or down it would randomly select up or down but more frustrating than that is that I would get a side-scroll back to the leftmost column of the table. What I expected to be a simple scroll up or down a few lines wound up making the entire table bounce around up, down and sideways before settling on the leftmost column. I downgraded back to version 9.30 and this problem disappears. I have not made any changes on my MacBook, running Mojave, to explain this. Any suggestions are appreciated but answers are extremely welcome :wink:

I have retested on MacOS El Capitan and Catalina, I no longer have a Mac running Mojave but I think it is very unlikely this is a Mojave specific issue, I cannot reproduce the error as you describe it.

Are you loading many files, if so does the problem still occur if only load a few files ?

If so is it possible for you to create an upload a short video showing the problem ?