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Not all performer displayed

Hi Paul

When I add performer in Jaikoz 11.5.1 to mp3 files, only the first entry will be shown in Minimserver/bubbleupnp. Performer and performer_name are not indexed.

Converted from Flac to mp3 seems to be ok. Even an older version of jaikoz worked well.

Please confirm, the actual settings.jai will work with Jaikoz 11.x so I can do a “downdate”

Regards H.

“Never update a working software”

MinimServer only understands multiple values for mp3 files if using ID3v24, your files are probably using ID3v23.

You can can convert existing file by modifying the Version field. In Preferences:Save:ID3v2 you can configure Jaikoz to automatically convert existing v23 tags to v24 as files are loaded.

Yes, I know it from an earlier post.

I have had a workaround. Opening in foobar2000, splitting with “; “ and adding a useless tag , save. For unknown reason it stops working.

But deleting Performer and performer_name tags, saving, and then paste back the values and save again solve the problem even with ID3Tagv23.

Of course not a solution

If you know the problem why have you posted this question, and why not simply use Id3v24