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Not able to view older reports when upgrading

When I upgraded to SongKong from 6.12 to 7.0 lost access to view prior reports. Same when I upgrading from the build before 6.12 to version 6.12.

Are you using Nas/Docker version, if so makes me think that maybe you have configured /songkong location differently (or forgot to configure this time as optional) so the reports from previous install are not visible in this new install - see On Docker why do I lose my license when I update SongKong?

Honestly I left it at default to make it easier to identify where logs are for each of the respective applications I use. I’ll define a separate folder and see if that improves the issue for songkong.

If by left it at default you mean you didn’t set it this means that the logs are all lost if you destroy the container, or swap to a new container because using a new version and hence image.