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Not able to change filename masks from "default" to my preferred version

Long time user here!

Everytime a major update happens I need to recreate my preferred filename masks as follows to get the output I’m looking for:

ifnotempty(albumartist, '/') 
+ '(' + (albumyear.length>4 ? albumyear.substring(0,4):albumyear) +') '
+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
 + title

I’ve created a custom mask and change it in the preferences, however it keeps reverting to the original default. What am I missing to change the default to my preferred setting?

Sent logs over, appreciate your help here.

Hi, I dont quite follow

Are you saying after update SongKong to a new version the Filename mask that you had created disappears and you have to recreate in Preferences, and then select it in Fix Songs:File naming:Rename mask for your chosen profile, or are you just saying you just have to select it again in Fix Songs:File naming:Rename mask (which you shouldnt have to do either)

Rereading your question I think that maybe you have misunderstood how this works. In the preferences you can create/edit/delete filename masks, but you don’t select what filename mask is used here. The Filename Masks combo always lists all filename masks alphabetically and you only select a mask in this list if you want to edit or delete it

You can then set the filename mask for each profile by modifying the Rename Mask on the File Naming tab when you start Fix Songs for a particular profile.

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