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No Map Between

Whilst updating the Musicbrainz and Discogs data on my collection I often see “no map between song… and release…” I presume this is where either the original Discogs URL/MB Release ID has changed or the IDs have just been copy and pasted manually in the fields.

Is there any automatic way to remove the MB/Discogs Release IDs for those in order to rescan and find a proper match, or do I have to do it manually?

Can you give an example, Im not quite clear what you mean here.

No problem.

Ok so take for example Avi Buffalo’s self titled album from 2009.

As you will see from the screenshot here, my files currently have the musicbrainz release ID:

When I click update metadata from existing musicbrainz, I get the “no map…” warning.

Interestingly the “no map…” references musicbrainz release ID:
368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c and not the ID in the tag.

Both of these releases exist on musicbrainz

Although only the second one is available if you just go the artist page and click the album link. They look to be duplicates tbh, anyway…

My question is two fold

  1. What does this warning mean?
  2. Is there an automated option to fix or do I have to manually delete the metadata and rematch?

BTW your image link is not available to me

Okay so yes you are right there was two identical releases and they have been merged into one release on MusicBrainz, if you are logged into MusicBrainz you can see this with this link

I think what is happening is that Jaikoz is realizing that d6ba9409-962d-3010-a095-b3ae3160fd2e has been merged with 368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c

But the problem may be that the per album tracks id (not recordingids) still refer to the old album rather than the new one. There maybe something to improve in Jaikoz here but in meantime I would use Match to Specified MusicBrainz Release and select the current release 368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c

Having done that please check the MusicBrainz Track Id column and see if it is updated with new values.

I seem to be having a nightmare with screenshots, I tried to attach one to the original post and it kept crashing on submit, and then you can’t see the hosted pic either!

Anyway, I did a manual match as suggested and yes it updated the track ids.


Yes, unfortunately there is a problem with our forum and not easy to upgrade, I am actually thinking I would like to move to using

but transferring the old data into the new is not simple.

At least we worked out the problem.