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No License Received; Yet Purchase Order & Introduction Emails Received

Th\is is a copy of the email I sent yesterday, 07/19/20:

Hello Paul,

Following my SongKong Pro purchase today (7/19/20), I received the attached two (2) emails. After checking them and clicking on any links, I can not locate a number that will change my Lite version to a paid version. No other emails have been received (Junk/Spam) or otherwise.

I did check your forum, but found nothing that would suggest how, when, or in what manner a License Number would be forwarded.

BTW, I’m the “Mrmb” ( that initiated the following Roon post:

You advice on the Roon forum helped lead to my purchase. But the results of testing the Lite version with my folders absolutely cinched the deal!

Although my Roon thread involved duplicate removal, after seeing the metadata results from SongKong, I purchased it primarily for that purpose.

I spent several hours testing various SongKong configurations. You’ve managed to develop a program that removes much of the time consuming and painstaking labor involved in dealing with the meta-data in any music library, especially one that is in the multiple terabyte range. That isn’t to say that a couple of minutes and a few clicks, is all that is necessary to obtain tagging results that are completely satisfactory for ones personal needs and the configuration and condition of their music folder(s). However, given the complexity of the subject and the mindbogglingly number of variables involved, spending time testing and adjusting repeatedly, is completely warranted and expected – I.e. one must spend time to create a personal learning curve. SongKong’s outstanding results far EXCEED the learning time spent however!

Your tutorials, comments on various Roon threads and in the Jthink forum helped.

I do have a couple very minor recommendations:

  1. After I discovered it, the Help.pdf is superb. However, I spent quite some searching, before finding it. That is, I looked for something labeled a “Users Manual” or “Instructions” on your website (& under a Support tab), plus I searched the Web and your forum to no avail. You may consider calling the Help.pdf a Users/Instruction Manual as well as considering it a Help add-on to the program itself. Placing a Users &/or Instruction Manual more prominently on your main Jthink/SongKong website and on your Forum as for example a Sticky/Read This First/User/Instruction Manual would have eliminated my time spent searching and head scratching.

  2. If Chrome is already Open, a SongKong Report doesn’t pop-up. Plus, clicking on individual Reports in the Report tab for the same reason, does nothing to output a report if Chrome is already open. I obviously learned this the hard way. Some sort of note/error message etc. about closing ones Browser to see Reports would have helped. Until I figured out the Chrome-is-Open connection, I did locate where the reports were saved on my PC and opened them there.

  3. Lastly, there is this email’s subject of where is the License found question? Maybe I overlooked it or missed it. But a registration instruction on your download page, or a Sticky/Read-This-First post on your Forum would perhaps preclude the issue I am having…

Best Wishes,

Hi @Mrmb

Sorry for the delay, I have been away on a long weekend so havent been monitoring my email last few days. Your email domain rejected my email as spam, I have now resent from two other email addresses, if one of them doesn’t get through I can pm you the details. I will follow up your other comments tomorrow.

Thanks for your comments, and I think you should find that Delete Duplicates works better for you once you have run Fix Songs for real first.

To answer your suggestions:

  1. It is listed within SongKong as Help:Help (as Pdf) , I dont know that renaming it to User Manual would help. There did used to be a link to the Help pdf on the main website but I removed it because made the menu too cluttered, but I have added a topic to the forum - Where is the User Manual?

  2. The Chrome issue is Chrome specific. If you use a different browser it should not be an issue, I need to fix this issue but I am unsure what causes it at the moment.

  3. So the working emails came from payment provider (EJunkie) and mailing list (MadMimi), the failed email comes direct from my JThink server. This only happen occasionally, when it does user sends me an email and Im usually availalble to reply more quickly


  1. If even a couple potential, or new users find your new “Where is the User Manual?” topic, that’s a positive.
    In any case, the Help.pdf is cogently well done and is a very worthwhile read for a potential/new user who is trying to get a handle on SongKong’s options and capabilities.
    My problem was that when seeking an answer to a question, the SongKong program wasn’t being used. I was on the Internet/Forum & didn’t think of downloading/loading SongKong to find Help (a User’s Manual). In fact, after no Forum mention of a Manual, I did a Jthink Website search and a Google search for a SongKong User’s Manual (obviously to no avail). I’ve found that before purchasing something like SongKong, perusing a Forum or reading Instructions &/or a Manual aids making an informed purchase decision.

  2. The “Reports” being HTML should have given me more of a clue that it was browser
    activated (and the problem was that Chrome was already running in the background). But when I was in the middle of attempting to activate a Report & nothing happened, I was perplexed. Hence, my note inclusion suggestion – I.e. something more specific about the Report opening in ones browser or perhaps programming that would energize Windows’ Open With Menu. Nevertheless, no harm or foul.

I should add that in the overall scheme of things, I realize that the above 2 issues are quite inconsequential! But regardless of that being so, perhaps worthy of a mention.

  1. Acknowledged and resolved…Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: