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No internet = automatic shutdown of the worker?

Hi @paultaylor,

So, this morning I got that nice message from my ISP telling me internet would be down all day. huray.

I told myself it would have been a good idea to pause the running fix task.

But I surprisingly saw that the fix was not running anymore.

When I started to analyse the logs here is what I found :

13/10/2022 08.58.56:CEST:TimeoutThreadPoolExecutor:shutdown:SEVERE: —Shutdown:Worker
13/10/2022 08.58.57:CEST:TimeoutThreadPoolExecutor:terminated:SEVERE: —Terminated:Worker

Do I understand correctly that SK will terminate the workers if timeouts do happen ? That would be very nice in today’s situation. But can I eventually tell SK to pause the running worker instead of killing it ?

Also another question, are there any tips, aside excluding already matched and unmatched tracks, to speedup the identification process ? I currently check an average of 150k tracks per 24h. Is this due to API limits of MB and discogs ?

Thanks !

If, eventually after a number of attempts SongKong cannnot access server it will eventually terminate

You can pause SongKong task at any time.

150k per 24 hours is not so bad, there is a limit to how often lookups can be done to not overwhelm server. SongKong uses a cached version of MusicBrainz and Discogs, this allows alot more lookups then if you were actually connecting direct to MusicBrainz or Discogs.

One thing that does slow things down is getting artists artwork, so if you don’t use this you can uncheck the option, or at least cut down the types selected in the Find Artwork for these types option

I indeed do snatch artist images. This is particularly nice as I also use Plex, and can tell it to prefer my local artwork.

Patience is the key… I’ll wait :wink:

Now one last thing, if the fix job eventually crashes or has to be stopped again, is there really no way to avoid SK to restart from scratch again ? Like a “restart from where it ended” option ?

No, Im sorry because it is not expected that it will crash.But using those two options I previously specified should mean it just skips over the tracks and does nothing with them except add them to the final report