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[NICE TO HAVE] Complete Excel Spreadsheet with processing info

After a batch, we can get the metadata information in a convenient Excel format.
However, issues, match or unmatch to MusicBrainz/Discogs, etc. are not provided.
This would be helpful to get in the spreadsheet most of the information that are currently only visible in the HTML report, especially when processing tons of files as Excel provides convenient sorting/filtering tools!


I see your point, although the information is there just not so clearly, if it has been matched to Discogs there will be a value in Discogs Release Url, if matched to MusicBrainz Release there will be value for MusicBrainz Release Id and MusicBrainz Track Id, if matched song only there will only be a value in MusicBrainz Recording Id.

Maybe armed with that information you can create appropriate filter in Excel, because I am not sure this extra information is that useful to most customers.

Hi Paul,
I would create 3 different columns, populate them with their own value and let the (probably sparse) customers manage them according to their purpose.

I dont quite understand why you cant just use the columns I have descrtibed ?

I thought it was easier to develop this way.
Also, is there no case where the song is match to MBz and Discogs? (resulting to two different values).

Anyway, this is just a low priority request (and for my personal usage, your proposition is OK).

Yes, if matched to both then MusicBrainz Release Id and MusicBrainz Track Id and Discogs Release Url will be completed.