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Newly added Multi Disc Albums are not matched properly

If I set up a new Multi Disc Album in MusicBrainz (Submit new Release) and then I want to match this Multi Disc Album on my computer with the one just set up in MusicBrainz (Match songs to specified MusicBrainz Album), this Multi Disc Album is not recognized. If I only select the last album and execute the command “Match songs to specified MusicBrainz Album” with the corresponding MB Release ID, this album is recognized. If I try to match albums that are before this last album in this way, they are not recognized. I then have to manually copy the MB Recording ID from MusicBrainz to Jaikoz for each individual track and the MB Release ID for the entire album. With the command “Update Meta from Existing MusicBrainz ID or Release ID” the individual songs of the Multi Disc album are then recognized and matched.

This is a thankless task

I can’t understand the difference between the failed match and the successful match, in both cases you are using Match To Specified MusicBrainz album ?

If all discs of a Multi Disc Album are assigned at once with the command “Match songs to specified MusicBrainz Album” and the corresponding MB Release Id, the entire MultiDisc Album is not recognized and therefore not matched.
If I try to match each disc individually, only the disc with the highest number (e.g. disc 4) is recognized. But all discs before it (i.e. disc 1, 2 or 3) are not recognized even if they are addressed individually

What version are you on because believe this was fixed in Jaikoz 11.8 Belly -

O:K. I’m using Jaikoz 11.7 and waiting for 11.9 where hopefully the problem Add option to allow discno information to continue be added to album titles will be solved, so that I can use the latest version.