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Newbie - searching for a good music server software


SongKong sounds like a great tool to work with?

I’m interested in enjoying my own music the best way possible…
Actually I believe in rich information - especially for classical music I think it’s vital to have informations like composers, conductors and about main solists available. Coming from iTunes I am now in the situation to decide which music server software to use as the new “home” for my audio files.
I understand SongKong is the best tool available to tag my audio files.

My question : which music server software do you recommend. Which solution offers the best integration with SongKong (and supports for example multiple entries for tags)?
It would be perfect, if you give an argument why you choose software “ABC” over “XYZ”.

My IT skills are somehow limited so please nothing to sophisticated.
My hardware: Synology NAS as storage
Clients should be available for MacOS / iOS / PadOS

If you have a decent workflow for Plex - please let me know, as I’m using Plex already for movie files.
I evaluated emby and Kodi a bit - but still have not mad up my mind.


Hi, the best fit is MinimServer simply because it’s the only music server that is fully configurable, it’s slightly out of date but we have a tutorial about using Minimserver with SongKong at

It’s not cheap and it may require new hardware, but take a look at Roon. I invested in it a couple of years ago and it’s transformed my experience of browsing my music library and discovering new recordings. I haven’t looked back since!

Best wishes


Hi, Roon is expensive but does provide a nice (if inflexible) experience. And the good news is that using SongKong on your libraries before uploading will improve your Roon experience - Does SongKong help get more albums identified by Roon?