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Newbie question - Synology

I am trying to the software to work in a docker on Synology but without success at the moment. The provided instructions for this as based on an old operating version so things do not match. Any clues on where to start please?

I knew Qnap had updated their OS I was not aware that Synology had.

Have you used Docker before for anything else or is it a new concept for you?
How far have you got ?

Hi, this is my first. Synology ds220+.
Downloaded docker (container manager)
Downloaded images
They seem to run but do not link to anything.

So you download an image, and then run it with a configuration as a container.
Docker runs in a virtual machine by default it cannot see anything on your synology so when start the container first time you have to do some configuration:

  • Map /music to your actual music folder
  • Map /songkong to an actual folder to store config files and license
  • Make songkong available on same port as docker (4567)

This is described in the 3rd section of but if it doesn’t make much sense or doesn’t match with what you see then please post some screenshots and I will help further.

Then you can access SongKong via web-browser using url http://synologyipaddress:4567