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Newbie-How does the closing of AcoustiBrainz effect

Newbie-How does the closing of AcoustiBrainz effect the tagging process? I produce music and videos. I want to tag my files with AcoustID for use on MusicBrainz. I can’t get an AcoustID Key anymore. I think I need one. Also, how does Jaikoz compare to MP3tag? I am thinking of switching over but can’t easily afford the pro version.

Acoustid creates an acousticfingerprint for song identification, this is not closing

AcousticBrainz calculates Bpm/Tempo ectera this is closing, we will import the stats for existing songs into our database, and then plan is to provide tools to continue being able to submit AcousticBrainz data direct to our database.

Jaikoz automatic song identification is a whole level above MP3tag, there is a free trial so best thing is to simply try it.