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Newbie Coder needs help

Hi all:

I am a complete newbie to both JAudiotagger and to java. I thought the best way to learn is to do something practical. Are there any tutorials, you tube videos or any other support that I can use to get started.

thanks in advance of your help


Hi Yas, I think you probably need to understand Java before considering using Jaudiotagger tagging library but there is some example code at

Apologies for giving the wrong impression, but I am not as newbie at java as, I guess, the post made out.

The code snippets are of use though.

Thanks for the reply.



Okay, well the api is pretty simple for most cases, there are also many test cases in the source code that are quite useful as examples, if you have a particular issue probably best to post on stackoverflow - you can alway refer to it from here if you want to grab my attention.