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New user trying to get basic renaming working

I’m using v9.2 Pro on Unraid via Docker.

I’ve tried using the basic AlbumArtistorArtist - Title rename mask, and although I get 100% Loaded and Completed in the Song Matching Summary as well as Album, Artist, Title, Track No & Year in the Song Metadata Completeness Summary

I see “No changes were made” at the bottom of the report

Here are the settings I’m using:

Any ideas why it’s not working?


Have you run Fix Songs first ?

I think what is happening here is you have set to only rename it set to Yes if matched to release, this means if we have matched to a MusicBrainz/Discogs release when running Fix Songs. it doesn’t just mean you have album, title fields it is looking for a MusicBrainzReleaseId field

So either run Fix Songs to match to a MusicBrainz/Discogs album, or if that doesn’t work or you don’t want to do that change the Rename files if based on metadata option to Yes, if has metadata

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Thanks- I’ve tried both of the options that you suggested, but still no renaming has taken place.

I’m wondering if there’s a file permissions issue.
The owner of the files is nobody and they are set to -rw-rw-rw-

Hi, in the reports you sent you only have set to Yes if matched to release and your albums is not matched to release so that is why it didnt work. But if you have since set to Yes, if has metadata that should work because your files do have album, title, and artist set which is all you need (need artist or albumartist).

Does it work if you set to Yes, for all files ?

Can you rerun Create Support Filles

Following your suggestion, I ran Fix Songs and it appeared to match OK. Following that I ran Rename with the same settings that I had previously and no renaming happened.

I then tried your second suggestion of changing Rename files based on metadata to ‘Yes, if has metadata’ and still no joy.

I have just uploaded the latest support files.


I think its just because the rename mask you are using is just

ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,' - ')
+ title

and the songs are already named that way so there is no change required.

If you use a different rename mask does it then rename ?

Awesome- that was it. I think it had actually worked after I’d followed your initial suggestion, but I missed the filename change.
I’ve now created my own filename mask to the actual format I was after and it’s renamed as required.

That’s the first issue hurdled, hopefully I can navigate my own way through the list of other functionality I’m hoping SK can handle for me.

Thanks for your help

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