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New User question - program start reload full folder

Hi, I’m a new user to Jaikoz (searching for a tool to sync iTunes and MediaMonkey Rating).

My questions are:

  1. my music files are stored on a folder. Every time I start Jaikoz I have to use open folder to insert all song again, that took same time. Is there a better way to work?
  2. Is there a field that shows the current iTunes rating to compare with mp3 rating field?
  3. is a search in the field “Comment” possible?

Thanks, Alexander


1> After first time if files have not changed they will loaded from Jaikoz db so quicker, but do you need to load your whole music folder ?
2> You can see the rating stored within the files themselves, it does not show any rating stored within iTunes lib
3> Yes, you can search the Comment field like any other field, see Edit:Find and Replace

Hi, Thanks!!!

  1. & 2) understood, clear
  2. oh, yes, this way it works - i used the search field top right corner

One question more:
4) Is it possible to create own filters like “comment contains ABCD” and “Custom filed = y”

No, sorry it is not currently possible.