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New Purchase of Songkong

I have just bought song kong and as a test have set it to check one folder with 36 songs in it, running songkong on my synology NAS.
40 mins in so far and it has not yet finished. This seems too long to do just this.
How long should it take?
I have 2.5k ripped albums on NAS drive so am wondering how long that would take to check them all.
This is running songkong on a synology NAS drive which also has the music folder on it.
If I were to run the songkong program on my PC which is an intel I7, checking the music folder that is on my NAS ,would it be quicker than running songkong on the Synology.
The music still being on the NAS.

It should just take a couple of minutes,could you have selected Watch Songs rather than Fix Songs by mistake - I selected Watch Folder and it ran forever without doing anything ?

If you can run locally that is usually best because you then avoid the overhead of the network when reading or writing files so using the Nas is probably best unless it is a very slow Nas.

Hi Paul

I selected fix songs, on synology 713+ NAS which is included in your list of suitable equipment.
below is the result

  • Report 6 started at Apr 17, 2021, 4:07:22 PM
  • No changes were made
  • Report 6 finished at Apr 17, 2021, 4:56:41 PM

I have just tried the same folder using songkong on my PC i7 and had this result below

  • Report 8 started at Apr 17, 2021, 7:21:44 PM
  • 1 minutes 22 seconds
  • Report 8 finished at Apr 17, 2021, 7:23:07 PM
    So it looks like my best option is to run songkong on the PC as it is much quicker.

That is weird, please run Create Support Files so I can see the report and logs

I have just run create support files as you have asked.
I will run it in batches on my PC so I can use the program to do what I want, however if you can see something wrong in my setup that is fixable that will speed up my NAS running it then that will be fine.
If not then it is not a massive problem.

Okay I have looked at the logs and the only thing I can see which is it seems to be taking a long time renaming the files, it would be helpful if you could try running with Rename files based on metadata set to No to see if that is a cause

If using PC there should be no need to run in batches, generally SongKong fixes songs folder by folder working in parallel on multiple folders, as folders are fixed they are saved so it doesn’t have to complete processing all files before saving them.