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Never Modify setting seems to be ignored

I only want to update cover art, so I used the settings and put all available field into the Never modify these fields setting under MusicBrainz and Remote Correct.
Nevertheless when I run Remote Correct --> Autocorrect… it keeps changing my empty Album fields to the folder name the files are stored in.
Anything I’m missing?
I’m on Version 9.3.0.

Hi, yes you also need to Remote Correct:Discogs as by default Autocorrect matches to both MusicBrainz and Discogs.

I know and I’ve already done that. Still the change I’ve described is happening when I run Autocorrect.

Hi, okay I think what you have Autocorrecter configured to Correct Metadata From Filename, please try removing from AutoCorrecter tasks , see screenshot below.

No, sorry but that’s not it. Already emptied that before.

I don’t know then, please run Create Support Files and email them to

You can close this issue. I’ve tried using the Autocorrector despite this problem, but I anyway don’t like the results I get for the cover arts. Just too many low quality, compilations and Best Of instead of the actual original album release. And yes, I checked all the settings to prefer not to use compilations etc.

It would only add compilation album cover if the songs were matched to compilation album, and it would only match the songs to compilation album if that was best fit.

Sounds like the issue is that you do actually have the compilation album but want each song to use cover art from the original album they were also on, but not in your collection?

I’m not sure how the matching exactly works. Your explanation makes sense for the songs ripped from CD, but I tried the Autocorrect feature with about 200 songs I’ve recorded from a digital radio a few years ago.

Yes. so usually people rip cds, or downloads album and store each Album in its own folder.

In your case you just have a collection of songs, probably Jaikoz matching to compilations because the Compilation matches more of the songs then any original album.

Yes, I only have album folders for complete albums.
I also have a lot of songs, where I don’t have/want to complete album. Nevertheless I would like to have the correct album art and additional information from the original recording along with the song.
I’m ok with doing it manually as I did so far. I’m used to it and Jaikoz is a huge help and very comfortable to use.

Okay cover art is tied to album match so Jaikoz is not designed for song level artwork that isn’t matched to album.