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Neither app will open after adjusting memory

I’m currently struggling with SK and Jaikoz crashing due to low memory. (Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM running Big Sur.)

When I follow the instruction to add the line to increase the memory, neither app will start.

Any help?

You really shouldn’t need to increase memory for SongKong, it may indicate another issue and would be useful if you could run Create Support Files

Having said that I just tried the instructions and a few variations and could not get it to work either, I dont know if it is related to SongKong now being a codesigned application now that cannot be modified so Apple accepts it, or if something has changed in the way you have to modify memory, but in the meantime please send support files.

Thankyou for your support files it seems maybe connected to trying to build a model of your iTunes library, could you try the following:

  • Start SongKong
  • Select File:Empty Database
  • Start Fix Songs task
  • Uncheck Save Changes to iTunes option
  • Select Start (this ensures the preference change is saved to file)
  • Cancel task
  • Restart SongKong
  • Start Fix Songs task
  • Select Start

Hi, thanks for your support files, having analysed them further I think the issue is caused by a particular mp3 file:

/Volumes/Partition 1/2021 iTunes Music/f1939570568.mp3

Could you please email me this file so I can test it, and then move this file out of your partition and see if SongKong works once removed.

Thanks for your further support files, although it is running out of memory it is making progress. Can youchange the following options so it will skip over already processed and hopefully progress further.

Set Basic:Ignore songs previously checked that could not be matched to Yes
Set Basic:For songs already fully matched to Ignore

Would also be good if you could send me that mp3 file for testing.

Quick note, the current instructions for modifying memory on MacOS are incorrect, if you need to modify you should do the following:

-In Finder right click on Applications:SongKong and select Show Package Contents
-Select Contents folder, then right click on Info.plist and select with Open with TextEdit
-Find section


and the add following section (to set to 3GB) within


to give


Help manual will be updated in next release.