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Naming conventions of e.g. Emby

Does a profile stores every selection made in settings e.g. for song repair? Emby prompts for an other file structure …

There is a set of defaults, profiles files store deviations from those settings.Part of this is the Rename mask used on the FileNaming tab if you enabled renaming,( the Compilation rename mask is used for albums marked as compilations)

Renaming is controlled by changing the value of Rename files based on metadata on the Basic tab

If you do change this from No I would advise to be cautious and only set it to Yes, if matched to Release rather than Yes, for all files or Yes, if has metadata

To actually modify or create a rename mask go into Preferences, all rename masks are available to any profile.

So you can create a new mask or edit an existing mask here, then select that on the Filenaming tab

So, with selecting a profile the file naming is not automatically selected as needed?

If you set a Filenaming mask for a profile (or any other option) then that profile will always use that option unless you change the option again.

Ok, that makes sense.