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Naim Uniti Core wav to flac conversion

Hi, my first post…

I have a Naim Uniti Core and have about 1200 rips in wav ripped by the Core. These rips are stored in a drive inside the Core. I also, have a backup of all of these files on a potable usb drive.

What I want to do is create an additional copy (on a new usb drive) in flac. Using SongKong what are the steps I need to do to achieve this?


If you have a Melco license you can use the Import Metadata from Naim option to put the metadata from the separate metadata files Naim uses for Wav into the wav files themselves, we already have a profile setup for this called Fix Songs, fix naim wav metadata files only so easiest to just select that and then start Fix Songs

Then you can use another application such as dbPoweramp to create Flac files from your Wav files, this should preserve the information added by SongKong so that your flac songs have some basic metadata from Naim.

If you want more detailed metadata you could then run a standard Fix Songs task using SongKongs Default profile on your new flac files


I would plan to convert a ‘copy’ of my Naim Core backup folder…

When I apply the “Naim” SongKong conversion process for WAV to FLAC am I ready to go with the new files used in my laptop for instance, or do I have to involve dBpoweramp or other?

Thank you.

SongKong can be used to add metadata that Naim stores seperately into the Wav files themselves

It can also be used to identify and add metadata from MusicBrainz/Discogs into audio files in many formats.

But it is not an audio conversion tool, if you want to encode files from one format to another (e.g Wav to Flac) then you need to use another tool such as dbPoweramp, iTunes or EAC.

Best of both worlds then. Those who prefer the sound of Naim files in WAV can have that and also the metadata seen in their laptops, music players, etc.

Thanks for the further explanation.

I’ll give it a try!

Yes, you got it that’s right


Hi, I’ve run the program, and when played on my laptop and music player, the artwork dose not show up unfortunately.

I saw the “Preview only” box is checked, but I can’t uncheck it. Not sure if this is the issue.

Here are some pics.

If you cant uncheck preview only implies have not purchased license?

Did I purchase the correct product for Naim Uniti Core WAV Meta data conversion?


I finally have the Update License issue sorted, so now I’m in.

Artwork is now appearing on Windows laptop and my portable music player for the car.


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Which license did you purchase to use with your naim uniti Core files- I want to to use my backup SSD from my core as a library SSD for my Jeep. At present I can get the audio to play but can only see the track name info?

The “Melco” version is the one to buy. My advice is to shoot SongKong a quick message asking how to proceed and get started. They’re fast in responding.

But you don’t have to…

Hi, yes you need Melco license for Naim functionality. It doesnt have to be used on a Melco it is valid for PC, MacOS, Nas ectera -

Hi Paul
I have purchased the melco version of SongKong and have run the program across my USB backup drive which contains approx 15000 cd’s stored as a backup from my Naim core. The files are playable in my car but I can only see the track names. I also only get about 1 in 5 cd covers (artwork) displaying. If I use an ipod I can see everything I have loaded on the ipod and can search by track/artist etc as well as viewing the Artwork. I would like to do the same with my backup naim drive. Please can you walk me through this as I cannot see what I am doing wrong. Help!
BWS Paul

Ipod doesnt support Flac does it ?

Hi Paul
No - I believe that songs on an ipod are stored as .wavs. The audio files on my Naim backup drive are also stored as .wavs. I don’t want to convert them to FLACs

Sorry, got confused with someone else.

Okay are the Wav files on your iPod the same Wav files that were in your backup drive and processed by SongKong or not ?

Hi Paul
No - the files on my Ipod were from three years ago when I used to use itunes and the songs in it’s library as my music player. I never use itunes any more - nor do I ever wish to. I only use my naim core as my music player now.

Hi Paul
I forgot to add that the only reason I mentioned the ipod was that I used it to check that the usb input on the jeep was functioning correctly.