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Musicbrainz release metadata

I’d like jaikoz manage release-level metadata like recording metadata.
Now many metadata, if on Musicbrainz are included at the release level and not on recording, are lost.
I’d like there to be, eventually, an option (can be activated or deactivated by the user) that tells jaikoz to manage the release data like recording data (consequently on all the tracks)

Are you talking about the Song Only matches introduced in Jaikoz 10 ?
If so yo can always allow partial release matches again as explained in Previous Matches section at

watch this:

Almost all metadata are at the release level.

Here you can see how jaikoz has updated some fields

At the top, as were the files before using jaikoz (i think i’ve used picard). Below the result after the match with the release.

You can clearly see the difference

Hi, you are correct we currently only use the following link types at release level

performing orchestra
chorus master
instrument arranger
vocal arranger

whereas at recording level we also make use of

Im not really sure why we have done this, looks like an oversight.
So if we extract this data at release level can it not be assumed it applies to each track, and therefore can be added for each song without requiring an addtional option ?

Raised issue

Hi Paul,
I think that the data at the release level are divided into 2 main groups: those that are applicable to all tracks on the album, and those for which, in the booklet, the track is not specified and, at the same time, they would not be valid for all the tracks on the album.
An option may leave the user free to decide if this information wants them written on all tracks or not (considering what i wrote above). But it’s just my opinion…

Right, I wonder how often it is clearly wrong. If just not defined at track level then I think we can assume it is correct for all tracks, even if ocassionally it is not (and should be corrected on MusicBrainz)

The trouble is you would not just be able to set it once and leave it, it would be album specific and most users would not know if the data is right and wrong just assume that data added is correct.

So perhaps we need to say if the data is mostly correct treat it as correct, am I right in thinking that users are meant to add at recording level rather than release level these days.

i’m agree

You think that the change can be implemented in the next release?


Hi Paul,
any news for this?

No, it is something I should get done (like many other things…)