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MusicBrainz doesn't work or don't know how to use it

Hi there,

I’ve been using Jaikoz for some time now, but each time I was filling myself all the details for Artist, Songs…etc (pretty dumb, no? )
Just a few days ago I was looking through some of the albums and I saw that they have a MusicBrainz Release ID, but I couldn’t figure out how this can link to the program and make it retreive the information.

In the program settings I’ve filled the MusicBrainz server to “” and give it also my credentials.

There is no way the program can retrieve any information for an album even if I go and paste the MBID (such as this one: 1927f736-57ad-40a7-888c-2df5c25196c3)

I’ve tried with
Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz album
It always gives me the message that it couldn’t find any match

Is there something I’ve done wrong ?

Thanks a lot

If you use the MBID with Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz album, then you have to have the specific album loaded to Jaikoz before.
What you want, to get info in MusicBrainz for an album you have loaded in Jaikoz, use the leftmost column in the edit window, click on the number and then right click with the mouse using View Online a. s. o.
Or easier use the menu with -> View a.s.o.

Yes match to specified MusicBrainz album tries to match the currently selected songs / or listed songs (if none selected) to the ID you enter, so the problem is probably you don’t have the right songs listed.

But usually you can just use Remote correct/Autocorrect to correct all your songs without having to match one album at a time.

Thank you guys for your answers…