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Music Client for MinimServer after cleanup with SongKong

Dear all

I’m trying to follow the recommended workflow ( and used MinimServer to host my music. There is also a list of control points in the USER GUIDE of Minimserver ( But this list ist nor really helpful. I believe some or hardware oriented others are simply not / no longer available for iOS.

So it would be very wellcome, if you could share your experience with iOS control points / players working with MinimServer as source for your music.

I tested

  • iOS app Evermusic Pro
    Best interface but with limitations:
    • no distingtion between conductor / choir / soloist … / composer
    • mismatch: wrong picture for artist
    • may not use the MinimServerMetadata but tries to search internet
  • iOS app Whaale
    works but limited - for example doesn’t show folder artwork for composers; not sure I do like the hierarchical structure
  • iOS app mconnectLite
    can’t get it to work
  • iOS app JuP&P
    works but ugly
  • iOS app MyAudioStream
  • iOS app iMediaShare
    works but ugly
  • iOS app foobar200
    don’t know - strange
  • iOS app PlayerXtreme
    ClassicalMusik: separates album in works(?) - not possible to select an album!
  • iOS app LUMIN (Hardware)
  • iOS app Linn (Hardware)
  • iOS app LINN Kazoo (Hardware)

non of the above convinced me - or maybe I just doesn’t know how to use…


Dear Henning,

I have also made frustrating experiences and can add some more of that:

  • mconnect (full version) on iPhone 11 works but the detection of the MinimServer is very slow, you can make and drink a cup of coffee before using the library. Besides the app always looses the connection to the library and crashes on routing songs to a renderer .
  • Linn app works fine as control point, pretty fast and as expected, except you have to find an adequate working renderer … the one I use - BubbleUPnP on an old Android phone with external DAC - was found once as a room in Linn, than never more :frowning:
  • BubbleUPnP on the above Android woks pretty well, as a player/renderer AND control point, but it’s not iOS.

Best regards