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Multiple preference profiles and renaming masks

Hi Paul,

Per the technical roadmap blog post, just posted:

Love the idea of having the ability to save multiple filename masks as i have to continuously swap these out depending on audio format i’m working with. Related to that would be great to be able to save multiple folder rename masks as well for the same reason. Lastly would be great to be able to save multiple preference profiles. Another thing I have to continuously edit depending on usage.

(You could probably kill 2 birds with the last suggestion. Having the ability to save multiple preference profiles would take care of having multiple renaming masks!)


Yes, multiple preferences is another thing to be done. This is different to multiple renaming masks though, we want to be able to predefine list of rename masks that users can use (as well as creating their own). We may merge filename and subfolder masks into a single mask like we do with SongKong.