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Multiple Genres - cannot search/replace or manipulate words in additional genres

Find/Replace in genre only works in the first genre, given a list/array of genres.
Local Correct -> Genre when set up with a custom word manipulator also only acts on the first, immediately visible genre when presented with a list/array of genres.

The fix would be to search within all elements of a genre array when performing a find/replace or when manipulating the data.

edit: my original intention with this was to remove the numeric genre tags and I just fell upon the “save in itunes-friendly format” setting which it just so turns out, does exactly that! I’m using squeezeserver aka LMS and it doesn’t convert numeric id3v2 genres to strings - but it also DOES expose all genres in an array of genres and many are pretty effed up.

Hi, this is a known issue

Ok - thanks! Will delete.