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multi disc tracks getting misidentified

I am running into a problem where both Jaikoz and SongKong keep mixing up tracks in multi disc sets. For example I am trying to tag a 4 disc set and for whatever reason on at least two of the discs tracks are getting matched to the wrong track on the wrong disc.

Occasionally matching one disc at a time will reduce the mismatches but there are times when no matter what I do, the software refuses to make the correct match.

As an example disc 4 in the Chris Cornell set is matching as follows:

4-2 Mind Riot matched as 3-12 Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
4-3 Nothing To Say matched as 3-18 When Bad Does Good
4-11 Stargazer matched as 3-5 I am the Highway

I have tried going in and entering the MD Track ID for the offending tracks but as soon as I run a match to specific Musicbrainz album it goes back to matching the wrong track. Would it be possible to add a setting that all tracks in a folder must be matched to the same disc number?

This should not happen could you please rerun with SongKong and then run Create Support Files immediately afterwards

I just submitted the support files the first submission was all tracks contained in a single folder the second submission was with the tracks for each disc in a folder named CD1, CD2, CD3 and CD4 the last submission is for trying to match just disc 4.

Interestingly I went back into Jaikoz to see if folders or no folders would make a difference. I ran the files separated into folders through Jaikoz and without thinking I ran the match command and not the match to specific MB release. This time it matched everything correctly. Next I closed the files without saving and opened them again this time I ran the match to a specific release and it matched everything correctly. After that I wanted to try and replicate the previous mismatching I was experiencing so I put all the tracks back into a single folder and ran them through Jaikoz again. This time both automatic matching and specify release worked correctly tagging all tracks correctly. Finally I tried just matching tracks on disc 4 that was giving me all the problems and now that is also matching correctly.

While testing I noticed two tracks on disc 2 had incorrect track and disc numbers. I used MP3tag to fix the incorrect information. I went back into jaikoz and made sure it was still correctly matching. Once I confirmed Jaikoz was correctly matching each track I again closed the files without saving and then ran them through SongKong. SongKong is still mismatching. The last support file I submitted showed the results of this attempt in SongKong.

Regarding Songkong by default once songs have been matched running the songs through SongKong again will only update them with the latest metadata from the previous match. In order for SongKong to rematch you need to modify For songs already fully matched from Update Metadata and Filename only to Rematch. But you wouldnt usually want do this by default.