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Multi artwork update works well!

I’ve been a Jaikoz user for about 8 years now, but haven’t used it in some time. I have some new DSD files that don’t have metadata so I installed the latest version wondering if dsf was supported… I was pleasantly surprised that it was!

For some reason the artwork was wrong from discogs and I remembered not being able to multi-update artwork in the past… but then I was able to drag and drop the new artwork in and see it take effect for all songs. Great work!


Thanks Dave, we aim to please.


When I do that, somehow the artwork just stick on one title and not the entire album. i just updated to the lates version and the problem is still there.

It looks like Jaikoz did the update but when you look at the file, the artwork is not there.

This is really annoying because I have no way of knowing it didn’t work since Jaikoz shows it as being there…