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Mp3 files Not all Performers were scanned

Hi Paul
with Jaikoz 11.05.0 I add Performer, Performer_Name, Lyricist and Composer to my music files. Testing was fine, so I bought a licence.

FLAC files are ok but mp3 displays only the first Performer after scanning (full and true) with minimserver.

I found some own mp3 files which show all performers, but I did not know how I got it.
with try and error I found a workaround.

In foobar2000 I add a FAKETAG and a FAKEENTRY and do a rescan. Then it shows all performers.
Doing the same with MP3Tag there is no change, only the first performer is shown.

Any Explanation?
Thanks in advance

Hi, mp3s can use ID3v23 or ID3v24 to save metadata. In both cases Jaikoz uses the null character to separate multiple values for one field (i.e multiple performers), this is only offically supported when using ID3v24 but most players support it, but MinimServer does not.

So just load your file and modify the Version field from ID3v23 to ID3v24 and then Force Save, if you then run rescan in MinimServer it should be able to see multiple performers for this song.

Also, if you modify your preferences to set Save:ID3 tag V2 to V24, now when you load mp3s using ID3v23 format they will automatically be converted to ID3v24 when you save them

OK Thanks this works.
Also with foobar and mp3Tag saving as id32.4 works.

looks like now I have some Problems with foreign characters, not sure if I use always id3v2.4 UTF-8.
I prefer to work with all Tagging tools, because each has it own power!

However when I resave in foobar id3v2.3 (UTF-16 not sure) and rescan minimserver shows all performers as it should.
Any Idea why this works? How does it split the values?
(File or Album, properties > Tag (performer) right click > split values…)

By default if using ID3v24 Jaikoz will write using ISO-8859-12 if it can, or UTF8 if it cannot, there should not be any foreign character problems but perhaps you need to modify something in Foobar, difficult for me to say. Foobar probably uses ‘/’ to separate performers but this is only available for certain fields, I think you are better off using ID3v24 if you can.